The best money I’ve ever spent!

Kevin ChiassonThibodaux, LA

You never hear about a job well done. As long as the neighbors don’t smell the pump station, we don’t hear anything.

John GuidoBaltimore County, MD

We were skeptical at first, then we did a trial on our 35 foot diameter sludge storage tank. With in a week we were ready purchase the unit.

Steve GregoryTown of Southington Water Pollution Control

With the expectation of continued good factory support in the technical and parts service areas, we are intent on specifying Vapex Units in other lift station environment applications. Given an understanding of the application, I would recommend that a utility consider one of these units for H2S reduction.

Tom KallioSAMCO/Fishers, IN

It is nice to no longer get complaints about odors from the pumping station. The unit not only eliminates odors, but also is easy to maintain and costs little to operate.


We could not detect any hydrogen sulfide odors around the pumping station. The nose is one of the best odor monitors we have. Our operators didn’t smell anything.