Vapex has taken the already small footprint of the incredibly powerful NANO and halved it to create the PICO. The PICO treats high concentrations of odors in small spaces like manholes, small lift stations, wet wells and junction boxes but requires a mere 1.5 gallons of water per hour and uses about the same electrical power as a refrigerator.


  • Eliminates H2S and other odorous compounds
  • Reduce or eliminate biofilm or bacterial growth in the treatment area
  • Reduce the rate of corrosion typically associated with low pH
  • Impart a residual oxidant to the defined space to absorb unexpected spikes of odors


  • Lift Stations/Pump Stations
  • Wet Wells
  • Manholes
  • Junction Boxes


Specifications PICO
Maximum Treatment Volume, ft3 (m3) 750 (21)
Maximum Number of Nozzles 1
Oxidant Output, lbs/day (kg/day) ≤ 1.0 (0.5)
Average H2O Usage, gal/h/nozzle (l/h/nozzle) 1.5 (5.7)
Air Output, cfm/nozzle (m3/hr/nozzle) 1 (1.8)
Material of Construction* Aluminum
System Dimensions, L in (cm) x W in (cm) x H in (cm) 20 (51) x 17 (43) x 30 (76)
Average System Weight, lbs (kg) 62 (28)
Actual Power Requirements:
     Volts, VAC 110
     Average Current Draw, A 6