Helping The Environment One Unit At A Time

By July 23, 2021 News

Did you know there are approximately 5,000 different species of the sea sponge? Each sea sponge feeds off bacteria, carbon, nitrogen, and other toxic elements in the ocean. They protect the ocean from harmful elements within the water. Like the sea sponge, Vapex “radically” removes odors in the air that emanates from wastewater. Some sea sponges are more like Vapex than others as they like to attach themselves to debris in the water. Vapex’s hydroxyl radicals attaches itself to the odorous compounds and oxidizes them eliminating odor almost immediately. Most sea sponges also feed off organic debris within the water. Vapex’s mist can also “feed” off organic debris that collect above the wastewater like Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG). This helps to control FOG, if not eliminate FOG issues all together creating a cleaner safer wastewater. Do you have odor or FOG problems in your area? Don’t delay, contact a Vapex Rep today! Radically removing odors and FOG for almost 20 years.