Our Fog Will Take Care of Your FOG

By June 7, 2022 News

This influent channel was experiencing FOG blankets ranging between 4-5 feet every month requiring blowers and bubblers under the blanket to break up and move the FOG downstream. The customer requested a pilot from Vapex to keep FOG from continuing to form.
🔵 Objective: Prevent additional accumulation of FOG in the given time frame (1 month)
🔵 Treatment Area: Influent channel 80 feet long. Treating a 30-foot section.
🔵 FOG Thickness: 5-feet
🔵 Pilot Unit: Vapex MILLI w/ 6 HV nozzles
🔵 Results: 85% decreased FOG within 2 weeks and water is visible. Remaining FOG disappeared by week 3. In week 4, the influent was inspected, and no FOG was visible as well as the downstream FOG started to change composition.