PICO Start-Up at Casino in California

By April 28, 2020 News

Another successful startup!

A casino in California has a retention tank adjacent to the employee’s break area. Odors were so strong that employees could smell the H2S lingering around their break area and no longer felt comfortable eating their lunches or using the break area at all.

When searching for a solution, the casino needed an odor control system that could eliminate the odors, fit into a small area, and was extremely quiet.

After reviewing odor control systems, the Vapex PICO unit fit every one of their needs – powerful vapor phase treatment that immediately oxidizes odorous compounds, small footprint, and very quiet.  Plus, an added bonus of simple installation.

Vapex takes a radical and unique approach to fight odors in municipal wastewater. To learn more about Vapex, download our brochure by clicking here.