Municipal Water: How Pump Problem Solvers Became Odor Control Experts

By April 20, 2020 News

What do guys who know a whole lot about pumps know about hydroxyl radical vapor phase treatment for wastewater odor control? We brought Pump Solutions, our rep in Texas, to the Vapex office in Florida for immersive training on Vapex odor control technology.

Training started with Travis, Product Design Engineer, and Manager, discussing the build of Vapex units.

After familiarizing themselves with Vapex technology, the Sales and Servicemen were split into two groups for separate training then later reunited at an installation site where they got their hands dirty (but washed them thoroughly and used hand sanitizer)!  At the installation site, Nathan showed them the 2-minute nozzle cleaning method that is done routinely to keep Vapex units effective in treating odors.

They then reflected on the days training with a relaxing night fishing trip filled with laughter and fun.

If you are in the Texas area and would like to learn more about our odor control solution, contact Pump Solutions at